Maps for Advocacy

You can use Maps for Advocacy as a guide to using maps in your advocacy work. The mapping process for advocacy is explained vividly through case studies, descriptions of procedures and methods, a review of data sources as well as a glossary of mapping terminology. Hosting a map on your website is demystified as the guide takes you through the process step by step. Examples of valuable data sources like YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, Socialight etc have been cited along with a brief outline of their mapping features.

The fold-out offers an illustrative sketch of the inside story while the fold-in lists a swift and easy method to create a map.

“A must read for those new to the field of crisis mapping…an excellent collection of user scenarios and mini case studies that span a diverse range of fields and technologies.”

This toolkit was written in collaboration with Sean O’ Connor with the support of the Open Society Institute. It was first published in September 2008 and an updated version in February 2010.

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