Amnesty International: Decriminalization of Sex Work

Below you can find several documents developed by Amnesty International with their position towards sex work, sex workers rights and decriminalization of sex work. The arguments from the below documents can be used for advocacy for decriminalization of sex work.

The document on Amnesty International’s intention to adopt the policy that sex work should be decriminalised (2014). Decriminalization of Sex Work: Policy Background Document

The document that outlines the proposed policy on sex work and summarises the background documents that review the terminology used in discussions of these issues, the principal justifications advanced for the continued criminalisation of sex work, the applicable human rights law, the consequences in practice of criminalisation and decriminalisation, and the approaches taken by other organisations and experts. Summary of proposed policy on sex work

Draft Policy on State Obligations to Respect, Protect and Fulfil the Human Rights of Sex Workers (2015). Draft Policy on Sex Work

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